WHY do I want a virtual tour in the first place?

ANSWER:  To maximize the potential of your asking price and to decrease the amount of time your listing is on the market.

Our job is to produce an online product that lets the potential buyer know, without question, EXACTLY what the listing looks like. The visual marketing we produce is unmatched and is hands-down the most accurate way to showcase a listing.

Producing a virtual tour…

  • Dramatically drives more interest and traffic to the listing
  • Ensures that pre-qualified and truly interested buyers are coming to in-person showings.
  • Allows out-of-city and out-of-province visitors to see the listing.
  • Demonstrates to your client that you truly care about marketing your “inventory”.
  • Leaves your client with a visual keepsake of their home before they move.
  • Markets the listing FOR you.

I am a Realtor®. How much does it cost to get a 360 virtual tour and photo slideshow for my listing?

In South Western Ontario, we are pleased to offer the unbelievable all-inclusive rate of $100 to produce a PROFESSIONAL quality virtual tour for a regular residential listing.   This price covers all general listing types.  Luxury, upscale or special acreage listings are only a bit more, on average $49, to cover the extra work and attention to detail required.

Anyone can buy a camera and claim they are a real estate photographer.   up N close has produced virtual tours for literally thousands of listings over five years in one of the most active markets in Canada.

How much advance notice do you need to book a shoot for a listing?

We pride ourselves on quick and efficient service. In special circumstances, we’ve been able to book same-day appointments. However, we ideally recommend at least 48 hours advance notice to ensure you receive the appointment time that works the best for your vendor and that they have time to prep their home for the shoot. In high-volume listing seasons  appointments may need a touch more advance notice if the booking schedule becomes dramatically full.

How long do you spend on-site to shoot a listing?

The average time on-site for a typical real estate listings is approximately 40 minutes. This ensures that proper coverage is given to the home and accommodates our cutting-edge photography process.

How long does it take before I can see the virtual tour?

We guarantee any real estate virtual tour is always provided to you in UNDER 24 hours.

How do you get your virtual tour to me?

Once we’ve finished assembling your package, we email you a direct link to the virtual tour as well as the images. In some cases we can drop box the images to you.

Will you send the virtual tour and photos to MLS for me?

Absolutely. Just let us know the MLS number and we’ll take care of it. We appreciate that some Realtors® prefer to directly broker-load the images and virtual tour themselves. So the option is yours.

How long does it take for the virtual tour and photos to appear on Realtor.ca?

Although we send the material immediately upon completion, it can take up to 24 hours for Realtor.ca to update the material on it’s national database.

Why should I choose your company over the others I’ve seen advertised?

Simply put… we offer extremely personal service, we do not subcontract to part-time or unprofessional/unqualified photographers and our prices are extremely low relative to the incredibly high quality product that you are guaranteed to receive.

I see the term “HDR” mentioned repeatedly when you describe the quality of your photos. What is this?

HDR refers to “High Dynamic Range.” Up N Close utilizes a photographic process where by we combine multiple exposures of the image and combine them digitally afterwards to provide a final photo or 360° panorama that more accurately reflects the amazing tonal and color range of the human eye.

This means that if there’s a view to see out a window… we can show it. This also ensures that, for example, the light fixtures in a room are not “blown out” of view.

What are the technical details of your virtual tours?

The virtual tour itself is currently 100% HTML 5 based ensuring incredible cross-platform compatibility. There are two components to the virtual tour….the 360 panoramas and the still-photo.

The 360 panoramas allow the viewer to take the mouse and look around the room as if they were standing there, with the ability to even look up and down!

What about mobile devices like the IPhone, IPad, or Android Tablets?

Our virtual tours are fully compatible with the majority of modern mobile devices.  We are FULLY HTML-5 compatible.  Our system auto-detects the compatible display method to show the 360 panoramas and photos.

What forms of payment to you accept?

Invoices are easily payable upon project completion by cheque, e-Transfer or PayPal utilizing an extremely secure and private easy-to-use online payment system.   PDF receipts are automatically emailed to you.

What about an actual VIDEO tour as opposed to a 360 virtual tour?

No problem!   All Virtual Tours have a You Tube video of them created automatically

Why would I need to use your services? I take pretty good photos myself.

What message do you want to deliver to your clients when it comes to justifying how you cared for and marketed their listing?

Let’s work together to ensure that your listing… worth hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars… is getting the exposure that it deserves and that your client is trusting you to provide.

You’re a real estate professional that prides and markets yourself on your exclusive market knowledge and superior negotiation skills.

We’re photography, HD video and virtual tour experts that can produce an unmatched immersive online experience.

Although digital cameras now offer almost anyone the ability to take reasonably good photos, we’ve proven time and time again that we’re far better equipped and trained to properly showcase the home through images and panoramas.
We produce better compositions, provide dramatically better and  properly straighten and crop each photo to yield wider and truer images of what the rooms look like.