5 Ways to Update a Room

You don’t have to hire a decorator (or break the bank) to give a room a quick update with lots of impact. So whether you’re getting ready to sell, have just moved in or feel like a mini overhaul, these five tips will have you enjoying the room of your dreams in no time.

Change Your Fabrics

Replace your curtains, re-cover your throw pillows, buy a new rug, Any one of these easy fixes can make a big impact; but all three will completely change the entire room! And if it’s a bedroom you’re tired of, same rules apply: Replace the duvet cover, re-cover the headboard, and toss a few new pillows on the bed.

Freshen Up With Paint

Whether you tackle an entire room, or maybe an accent wall or two, a new coat of paint is probably the easiest way to change a room. From light and bright to dark and dramatic, paint can completely alter the mood.

Re-Organize A Bookshelf

Bookshelves are amazing; not only do they keep your books organized, but they can also serve as great focal pieces. Try colour-coding your books or arranging them in stacks instead of side-by-side. Remove an entire row of books and replace them with framed family photos or bright accent pieces. Sometimes all a room needs is a shift in thinking about it.

Update Your Art

Updating the art on your walls is a great way to showcase the family talent. Frame your daughter’s sketches from high school (no one will know it’s not a real Picasso) or your son’s first finger painting. Or grab a blank canvas and paint it a bright colour to hang in the kitchen (you don’t have to be a Fine Art grad to add some basic pops of colour!). And the best part of this approach is once you’ve bought the frames, the art can be rotated throughout the year at no extra cost.

Add An Accent

Is your bathroom feeling boring or your living room giving you the yawns? Pick bright, colourful wallpaper and add an accent wall! Paint stripes in your dining room, or buy a chandelier for your front hallway. Adding an impressive accent is a fun way to give the room some personality without a complete overhaul (of the room OR your bank account).


Preparing your Home for Photographs

You can improve the value of your home and therefore increase your selling price by presenting your home in an attractive way. Take a step back and view your property with a critical eye. The Photographs being the first thing a Potential buyer sees can influence whether or not they want to come and take a look at your Home.
– What improvements can you make?
– How would a potential buyer see your home?
– Can they easily see themselves living there? What is its curb appeal?
Remember, first impressions count and the property should be presentable both inside and out.

 CLEAN, make sure the house is spotless.
 Remove or hide all family photos and religious artifacts that may appear on pictures of the Interior.
 Eliminate clutter and re-arrange to make rooms appear larger.
 Keep the Kitchen counter clear and clutter free. Store away all small appliances. Fix imperfections if needed, and remove magnets from the Fridge.
 Replace visible linens, with brand new.
 Ensure bathroom is cleaned (this includes the floor, mirror and counter)
 Replace worn-out lighting.
 Ensure electrical, telephone and cable wires are hidden or barely visible.
 Ensure windows and reflective surfaces on the property are polished.
 For all bedrooms, replace linens with crisp brightly colored linens and pillows cases, and keep end tables free of clutter. – Think Hotel-chic look.
 For rooms used as an office, ensure desk is cleared of all sensitive documents and kept neat and clutter free.
 Vacuum all floors, carpets and staircases.

 On the exterior of the property ensure all clutter is removed or hidden away. Including garbage cans, basketball poles and other distractions.
 Weed the garden and mow the lawn.
 Fix stains or any damages on the driveway. Trim hedges and bushes if needed.
 Ensure Realtor and Real estate board signs are placed on property AFTER pictures are taken, as having these signs appear on pictures go against MLS listing policies.
 Remove cars from the driveway and park away from the property.